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Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Remodeling

When you are considering recreating the centerpiece of your home – the kitchen, the options are numerous. But which kitchen remodeling contractor is right for you? A good remodeling company has years of experience, listens to your design aspirations, has a great selection of kitchen remodeling offerings, and completes the project on time.


That's what Vale Home Improvement is all about. Throughout the kitchen redesign project, you will have a dedicated on-site design & construction team working with you to deliver exceptional results. They will ensure that the project is delivered on time and according to plan. Whatever is your idea of kitchen remodeling, we have you covered. This is yet another way we and our team set ourselves apart from other remodelers.

  • Cosmetic Kitchen Remodeling

If you already have a workable kitchen, but looking for some aesthetic details to enhance its visual appeal, this is an ideal solution for you. Perhaps you want to add a new countertop, recessed lighting, designer cabinet, or a tile backsplash – cosmetic changes can significantly augment the look and feel of your kitchen.


  • Pull-and-Replace Kitchen Designs

Sometimes your kitchen layout works perfectly for your family, but it is out of style, dull and unimpressive. This requires pull-and-replace remodeling, where we will recreate your existing kitchen and integrate a new layout. The result – you get a brand new kitchen just the way you wanted!


  • Custom Remodeling

In cases where your kitchen has some space or design constraints, custom kitchen remodeling can help create an open floor plan and get more space to uncover limitless possibilities. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all remodeling concept and curate personalized designs that beautifully blend with the interior design of your home.


Premium Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your old bathroom – that also works within the constraints of the space is like putting together a complex puzzle. It takes significant dedication, time, and the right team to combine different elements to create a dream space for you. Vale Home Improvement is one of the top bathroom remodeling companies that can transform your ideas into an innovative design, recreating spaces like never before.

Recreating your bathroom is a good way to add visual appeal and functionality to any space while improving the overall value of your home. Adding a fresh new look to your Zen space inspiring relaxation while keeping it modern and chic. If you don't have the time (we get it, time is money) and are not an expert in DIY remodeling (or the hiccups that come along with it), then consider hiring a professional bathroom remodeling contractor like us.

We will take care of the entire process, from start to finish – picking out the best finishes to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Whether you want a particular one for your new bathroom or trust us for incredible results, we will exceed your expectations. Not only will we give you creative ideas for space, but also comprehensive remodeling services – from planning to construction. With your budget in mind, your vision and inspiration does not have to be out of reach. 

Home Additions

Award-Winning Home Additions Designs

A home addition is an excellent way to refurbish your home in more ways than you can imagine. Whether you are welcoming a new member of your family or just want to add more space to your home – additions help add a more aesthetic touch and value to your property.


There are unimaginable ways in which you can add an extra space to your home, allowing you to make the most of it. However, for Vale Home Improvement, home additions are more than just creating an extra space for your home. We design and build meticulously, providing more room for you to enjoy the lifestyle you have always dreamt of – with the people you love and right in your home.


Known for our highest standards of professionalism and innovativeness, we have the reputation of being one of the most trusted home addition contractors in the area. Our team will take you through different possibilities that will actually add more square footage to your home, allowing you to get the best value for the space available.

Vale Home Improvement designs and creates home additions – small or large. We have vast experience in building aesthetically appealing second-floor additions, giving you abundant space for your growing hobbies or family. Adding another floor to your existing one-story home opens up limitless possibilities for you to explore. Without using up much horizontal space, we can integrate a second story to increase total square footage of your home.  


As a full-service home addition contractor, Vale Home Improvement handles each step of the project, from start to finish. We begin with understanding how you visualize this new addition to your home, work upon it and then integrate it in a way that seamlessly blends with the exterior design and interior flow of your home. Every home addition we create delivers just the perfect look you want while ensuring long-term practicality, functionality, and value for your money.    


In addition to superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and great knowledge of products, we offer our esteemed clients the guarantee of on-time completion and competitive pricing. 


When you count on us as your trusted home addition contractor, we will take you through the following process:


  • Design Consultation

Our design-build capabilities are unique to us, streamlining the process and enabling us to create a home addition design just the way you wanted.


  • Planning

We remodel and add a new space as per your specifications, but we leave no stone unturned to upkeep the true essence of your home. From beginning to end, our team takes the time to identify the constraints of your current home and offer solutions that give you that beautiful additional space you have been looking for.


  • Construction

Our design and construction team works collaboratively to ensure your vision of home addition gets transformed into reality. At the same time, we build keeping your budget in mind. Our team uses modern equipment and proven methods to efficiently complete the project on time. Having a home extension might seem intimidating and complex, but with one of the finest home addition contractors, your project will be implemented in no time.


Tailored Design-Build Solutions for Second Floor Additions


If you want to work with one of the best home addition contractors, experts at Vale Home Improvement are here to help. Our unique design-build approach helps streamline the remodeling project, saving your money and time. Right from initial planning and CAD drawings to integrating the second-story addition, our team will work with you to explore the design, finish, and built.   


You dream it, we build it!

Basement Modelling

Complete Basement Remodeling

You never imagined but your unfinished basement can be transformed into an eye-catchy and functional space that adds value to your home. Whether you want this to be an extended livable space in your home or a perfect retreat for your family to relax, Vale Home Improvement has you covered. We are one of the top basement remodeling contractors, renovating your basement just the way you want.   Renovating or finishing up your basement would mean adding an extension to your home, and potentially improving its value. To make the most of the space available, hiring a remodeling contractor can be your best bet.

Professional basement remodeling companies, like Vale Home Improvement, will collaborate with you to visualize your concept of the space and bring life to it. At the same time, our team ensures not to impact the structural integrity of your home, while making your vision of the basement come true.

Our basement remodeling services comply with Northern Virginia’s state and local laws regarding special permits and home safety. We are fully insured, giving you complete peace of mind. And most importantly, we can complete the remodeling project in a timely manner, allowing you to utilize the space as quickly as possible.

Successful basement construction is one that is resistant to water damage, well insulated, and has just enough lighting.


If it is not built expertly, you will end up getting it repaired a lot earlier than you imagined. When you trust one of the best basement remodeling contractors – Vale Home Improvement, be assured to have proficient designers and installers working on your project. Throughout the process, we will work closely with you to curate the right construction plan that is appropriate for the space available. Our motto is to utilize the space at its best and create just the right look and feel you want. Our skilled design experts will create outstanding spaces to give you additional living space and more flexibility.

We give you unique ideas to transform your basement into a guest suite, home office or study, family room, bar, or playroom – just the way you imagine it to be.


As a leading basement remodeling contractor, we ensure the best value for every dollar you spend. Therefore, our renovation services and cost are customized to meet unique space requirements – the basement size and shape, and your design needs. To provide the most competitive quote, our contractor will visit your home, inspect the space properly, and discuss your needs. This enables us to serve you better and fairly.

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